When the Kids Start to Question the Immaterials

Naturally, toddlers do not stop asking the questions of things, including immaterial ones, until they get the ‘satisfying’ answers. Sometimes a complete answer help them stopping to ask, not because of a full satisfaction, but rather because of a new insight. They are ready to take the new insight for a further query, a further journey.

Working with the kids’ FAQs in immaterial things is a parental daunting task. But, never cross the line of truths and logics, even when the kids ask where they have come from,… ask about birth, maternity, even sex. We may need an appropriate level of dictions, sentence speech, or language, but not lies and falsehood.

When the kids start to question the immaterials, it means they begin to think their destination of life. And, that is the crucial point of opportunity to allow them understand their ultimate mission of life: a happy meeting with God in the Hereafter.


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